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Richard is a passionate, motivated, entertaining and award-winning trainer who has been a part of the fitness industry for over two decades. He has successfully and consistently blurred the lines between personal trainer, fitness presenter, media consultant and educator while working with leading brands and individuals within and outside the industry.  All this, yet he still remains approachable, humble and appreciative of his place as one of the UKs leading and most popular fitness professionals.

Richard works you hard with equal amounts of encouragement and education, aspiration became reality and I never boxed better …. it was fun too! There are personal trainers and then there’s RC, in a class of his own  Jo W, Civil Servant, London

I have directed many, many fitness DVD’s and Richard is right up there amongst the best. His clear concise instruction is a pleasure to direct, but most importantly Richard is a nice guy and a real pleasure to work with  Steve , Managing Director – Sassy Films, Herts

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Personal Training

Richard offers limited,  bespoke personal training packages, designed to match the needs of the individual and at all times ensuring they are directed towards achieving the agreed goal.  Whether your goal is about looking great, performing better or just health related, his successful belief is that personal training should be safe, effective and most of all fun.

Limited EXCL:VIP training packages are available for clients wanting unique fitness & lifestyle management, bespoke training and a discretionary experience.  Packages are created to match the needs of the client, full 24/7 support is supplied and both national and international travel is catered for.

Group Fitness

It is about the buzz and excitement of the workout.  Surrounded by friends, partners, colleagues, like-minded strangers and all working towards the same session goal.  As a group fitness presenter/choreographer, Richard has taught around the world, showcasing a range of workouts that have included Urban Funk, Armageddon and a multitude of signature workouts to suit all levels and abilities.


The past 20 years within the fitness industry have created some amazing memories.  There have been so many inspiring people, the most memorable experiences and these are just some of them…


Richard has worked with, contributed to or featured in many well known media outlets and publications worldwide as a writer, fitness expert, lifestyle advisor and management consultant. Some of which are below…










These are some of  the successful brands, groundbreaking companies and inspiring charities Richard has worked with over the years.


A brief sample of some of Richard’s media work over the years.  For more, follow him on social media…

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There are a number of options with regard to training, group fitness, professional fitness consultation and event management.  Please contact us to discuss how Richard might be able to assist you with your fitness related query or work with your brand/organisation.  Due to the sheer amount of emails that are received, please note that we are unable to answer individual fitness questions and we advise you to contact a local health & fitness professional.


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